1. General

    1.1. The Rules and Terms defined in this text describe the usage of all games and services provided through (referred to as “Website” or “Websites”) and through downloadable application (referred to as “App” or “Apps”). These Rules and Terms, the Privacy Policy statement, Game Rules and any document referred to in them is a bounding agreement between 1ANTE and the Customer. We strongly advise to read these Rules and Terms carefully before accepting them. If you do not agree to accept these Rules and Terms please refrain from using this Website(s) or App(s) any further. These Rules and Terms shall also apply to all gaming made via mobile and other compatible devices. Your further use of the Website(s) and/or App(s) will constitute your acceptance of the Rules and Terms of 1ANTE. The Rules and Terms come into effect immediately.

    1.2. All the necessary information on the website is provided by the company that acts as a provider of informative services - SAGA GROUP N.V., registered at Heelsumstraat 51 E-Commerce Park, Curacao  (number of gaming license 8048 / JAZ2018-026) . In accordance with the terms of use agreement, the use in the text of the following pronouns and phrases, such as "We", "Our", and "Company" refer to the above company SAGA GROUP N. V.

    1.3. “1ANTE” are brand names owned by SAGA GROUP N.V.

    1.4. “Games”, “the Game”, “Game”, “Service”, “The Services” refers to any services offered by the Website(s) and/or App(s).

    1.5. 1ANTE reserves the right to change and modify these Rules and Terms for any reasons that shall arise. Whenever any changes to these Rules and Terms are made, we will notify you prior to new changes coming into effect. If you do not agree to the updated Rules and Terms you must stop using the Website(s) and/or App(s).

    1.6. You understand and agree to be bound by the provisions in this text, and that they may be amended from time to time. You acknowledge that by registering and using the Website(s) and/or App(s) you are also bound by the terms found in the Privacy Policy and individual Game Rules. It is assumed that you have read, understood and accepted all terms that these documents contain.

    1.7. These Rules and Terms may be published in other languages and will contain the same corresponding content. This is done to help players and solely for informational purposes. The English version is the legal basis of the relationship between 1ANTE and the Customer. In the case of any difference between the English version and the non-English version, the English version shall abound at all times.

  2. Your Obligations

    2.1. You may open only one account. If you open an other account 1ANTE may void all bets made from this duplicate account. You declare that you are 18 years of age; it is your duty to know whether online gambling is allowed in your country of residence. It is strictly forbidden and is a criminal offence to gamble while being under age. You shall use your account only on your own behalf. You may use the games and services offered by 1ANTE strictly for recreational an enjoyment purposes.

    2.2. You are aware whether online gaming is legal in the country from which you are accessing Website(s) and App(s). Thereby you declare that you are not a resident of United States of America, its dependencies, military bases and territories, France, Italy, Spain, Singapore, South Africa, Belgium, Denmark, United Kingdom, Cambodia, Pakistan, Uganda, Philippines, Angola, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Kuwait, Myanmar, Canada, Peoples Republic of Korea, Laos, Namibia, Syria, Taiwan, Albania, Hong Kong, Iraq, Yemen, South Korea, Nicaragua, Panama, Romania, Sudan, Algeria, Zimbabwe, Iran, Guyana, Israel, Papua New Guinea.

    2.3. As a Customer of 1ANTE you are held responsible to provide correct personal details like but not limited to address, e-mail is completely true and up to date and if there would be changes to these details you would inform 1ANTE immediately. If it should become clear to 1ANTE that the information provided is not correct we retain the right to block the players account and confiscate all the funds on the account therein.

    2.4. You are allowed to use games and services of 1ANTE with funds that have no illegal origination. 1ANTE reserves the right to ban a Customer and confiscate all the funds on the account if it is reasonably suspected that there has been an engagement in fraudulent activities which include, but are not limited to: submission of personal data or documents that are counterfeited, stolen or otherwise misappropriated, use of stolen payment methods or account numbers, collusion and chip dumping.

    2.5. The Customer is responsible for any reporting with their corresponding tax and or/fees which might be charged on winnings from engaging in games and/or services of 1ANTE.

    2.6. The Customer acknowledges that only credit cards and financial instruments that are issued legally by legal institutions can be used for deposits and withdrawals in Website(s) and App(s).

    2.7. The Customer understands that when engaging in games and services offered by 1ANTE there is a risk of losing funds. If you shall not accept this, we strongly advise not to use Website(s) and App(s) further.

    2.8. The Customer will use the Website(s) and App(s) only for personal, recreational use in accordance with Rules and Terms set out by 1ANTE and all laws, rules and regulations of the applicable regulatory body.

    2.9. The Customer acknowledges that communication with employees of 1ANTE should be conducted in a formal and kind fashion.  Any abusive behaviour towards the employees of 1ANTE will not be tolerated and 1ANTE reserves the right to terminate the relationship with the Customer under circumstances deemed appropriate by 1ANTE.

    2.10. If a Customer qualifies as being a Politically Exposed Person it is the Customers obligation to report such information to the Customer Support of 1ANTE and stop using the Games and/or Services of 1ANTE immediately. Politically Exposed Person, i.e. any person holding significant public office (or who has held it at any time in the preceding year), having access to public funds or in a position of influence. PEPs include the readily identifiable family and associates of such persons. A failure to report this information will result in the Customer’s account suspension and the funds therein for confiscation. A detailed review of the Customer’s account will proceed momentarily. The account will be unavailable for the time of investigation. 1ANTE reserves the right to not continue offering Games and/or Services to the Customer under any circumstances proceeding the investigation.

  3. Your Account

    3.1. The Customer has to open an account for personal use at 1ANTE to be able to participate in games and services offered by 1ANTE.

    3.2. The Customer is aware that only one account in all cases is allowed per person, per household, per address, per shared computer and per shared IP address. Creation of the account is solely for personal use no principal activity in behalf of someone else is allowed at 1ANTE. If the Customer notices that multiple accounts have been created, it is the Customers responsibility to immediately inform 1ANTE about it. 1ANTE reserves the right to decide if multiple accounts have been registered, opened or created with no misconduct and is a result of an error. If 1ANTE should have reasonable grounds to believe any fraud has been committed or transacted, we reserve the right to block the account and confiscate any funds therein. Bonus abuse is treated as ‘fraud’ in these Rules and Terms of 1ANTE. Bonus abuse includes, but is not limited to, opening of multiple accounts in order to take advantage of additional benefits or bonuses of 1ANTE. Behaviour like this is not tolerated at 1ANTE and will be appropriately reacted upon.

    3.3. The Customer ensures that the information provided is correct, complete and up to date. 1ANTE conducts verification procedures on its Customers. Hereby we inform you that if 1ANTE shall suspect that any of the information is misleading, false or compromised in any way we reserve the right to impose restrictions to your account. It is the Customers responsibility to update the information via “My Details” tab if such information changes.

    3.4. As a part of registration at 1ANTE information like but not limited to password and mobile phone number have to be provided. No one at 1ANTE will ever ask the password of the Customer’s account. It is the sole responsibility of the Customer to keep the password of the account safe and secure. 1ANTE is not responsible for any misuse of Customers account intentional or accidental if the login details have been disclosed with any third parties.

    3.5. 1ANTE reserves the right at any time to perform security checks on Customers account where the following documents might be requested but not limited to (a) identity of the Customer (b) proof of address (c) statement of payment method used and any information provided to 1ANTE by the Customer. 1ANTE reserves the right to limit the Customer’s account during the verification and/or investigation process. If the client does not send documents on request, within 5 days, 1ANTE has the right to restrict access to his account for the duration of the audit.

    3.6. 1ANTE reserves the right to close, refuse and ban an account at its sole foresight without any description of the reasons whatsoever.

    3.7. The Customer has the right to close and/or suspend the players account at 1ANTE at any time by contacting customer support by e-mail, chat or phone. Any funds located in the account will be available for withdrawal. The closure of Customers account does not allow the Customer to make a new account. If the Customer pleases to renew the contractual relationship with 1ANTE the closed account has to be reopened by informing customer support via e-mail, chat or phone. If the Customer’s account has been closed due to any form of exclusion from gambling the account has to stay closed for the amount of time it has been excluded. Any additional accounts made are bound by terms laid out in these Rules and Terms.

    3.8. All communication between 1ANTE and the Customer will be stored for an amount of time 1ANTE considers appropriate.

    3.9. The Customer acknowledges and accepts any limitations and/or restrictions of Game and/or Service accessibility of 1ANTE due legal reasons of individual game providers.

    3.9.1. Restricted and/or regulated territories for NetEnt games

  4. Deposits

    4.1. In order to participate in games and services of 1ANTE the Customer has to make a minimum deposit. A minimum and a maximum deposit amounts have been set and can be further looked into under the “Payment methods” section. The Customer can make a deposit at any point in time by using a debit card, e-wallet, prepaid card and/or voucher and through a direct bank transfer. 1ANTE does not accept cash cheques. 1ANTE reserves the right to not accept certain currencies and/or payment methods due to reasons that shall be kept uninformed.

    4.2. The Customer agrees that by depositing funds in the players account the purpose is to use them to (a) participate in games and services offered by 1ANTE (b) to settle any fees, charges or penalties that might incur in connection to these games and services. 1ANTE charges deposit fees depending on the payment method chosen. Deposit fees are visible during the deposit process and can be further explored via “Payment methods” section.

    4.3. The Deposited funds will be available in the Customer’s account after the confirmation of the deposit. The confirmation of deposit may take a varying amount of time. It is the role of 1ANTE to make sure funds are available to participate in games and services as fast as possible. 1ANTE takes no responsibility for the time it might take to verify the transaction.

    4.4. 1ANTE reserves the right to perform security checks before and/or after deposits.

    4.5. If 1ANTE mistakenly credits your account with winnings that do not belong to you or do not originate from your own play or usage of services offered by 1ANTE the amount credited belongs and is property of 1ANTE. 1ANTE reserves the right to immediately void any transactions and/or withdrawals made with these funds. If the Customer would withdraw funds like these before 1ANTE becomes aware of the error, the mistakenly paid out amount would constitute as debt owed by the Customer to 1ANTE. In the event of incorrect winnings paid out to the Customer, it is Customers responsibility to immediately contact support of 1ANTE by email, phone or chat.

    4.6. The Customer shall only use payment methods that are issued lawfully and belong to the Customer.

    4.7. The minimum deposit at 1ANTE is EUR (10).

    4.8. 1ANTE reserves the right to pay any requested withdrawal via direct bank transfer if any suspicions of fraud and/or misconduct have been spotted when depositing funds at 1ANTE and/or engaging in games and services offered by 1ANTE.

    4.9. The Customer of 1ANTE can choose to have the players accounts currency denominated in Euro (EUR) or in Dollars (USD). Winnings are paid out in the currency players account is in. A change of the currency of the account is not possible.

    4.10. If 1ANTE suspects that the Customer has deposited funds in the player account to take advantage of exchange fluctuations and/or other incentives where funds are not used for their purpose, namely, engaging in games and services of 1ANTE, 1ANTE reserves the right to impose limitations and fees upon withdrawals and on the Players Account in general. 1ANTE reserves the right to impose minimum wagering requirements for the sums deposited before a withdrawal can be made.

    4.11. If 1ANTE suspects that funds deposited in the players account are not meant to participate in games and services offered by 1ANTE, 1ANTE reserves the right to freeze the account and report this to relevant authorities.

    4.12. 1ANTE is not a financial institution and does not grant credits to its customers and the Customer cannot expect any interest on funds available in the account.

    4.13. If 1ANTE receives a chargeback request in relation to the funds deposited to the account, 1ANTE reserves the right to block the players account without further disclosing any information. A security check by 1ANTE shall be imposed to verify the intentions, account holder and preferred method pf payment. Additional fees and charges might be applied from 1ANTE to process this transaction.

  5. Withdrawals

    5.1. All withdrawal possibilities are clearly stated and shown in Website(s) and App(s).

    5.2. Withdrawals are possible via bank transfer or to the last method used for the last deposit. Withdrawals shall be made only in the name of and to the registered account holder. Withdrawals and/or refunds to an account that belongs to another person or entity is classified as money laundering.Funds marked as “Bonus Money”, “Casino bonuses”, “Poker Betting bonuses” cannot be withdrawn. This also applies for funds that are miscarried in any transaction, aborted or stuck funds from games.

    5.3. Placing a bet from a jurisdiction in which you are located might be illegal. It is the sole responsibility of the Customer to not place a bet in circumstances like these.

    5.4. For additional verification might require but are not limited to, copies of a player’s ID (passport, national ID card, driving license), proof of address, and/or copies of credit cards/debit cards, e-wallet and bank statements when applicable.

    5.5. All transactions are monitored by the security team of 1ANTE. Money laundering prevention is one of the top priorities of the 1ANTE security department. 1ANTE shall report any suspicious transaction to a relevant authority. 1ANTE reserves the right to suspend, block or close an account of a Customer confiscating any funds therein if it is requested to do so in accordance with applicable law to prevent money laundering.

    5.6. 1ANTE may charge fees for processing withdrawals and this information will be clearly laid out to the Customer during the withdrawal process.

  6. Bonuses

    6.1. 1ANTE reserves the right to remove, add or change any bonus that is available in the account of any Customer and has not been claimed. Any claimed and active bonus will not be removed by 1ANTE under regular circumstances.

    6.2. Bonuses might have wagering requirements attached to them. These requirements will be appropriately displayed before the Customer decides to use a bonus when wagering requirements are applicable. Withdrawal amounts will be only possible for the real money balance the bonus money balance upon withdrawal will be lost. 1ANTE has the right to choose which game and service contributes what amount to the wagering requirements.

    6.3. Games have varying levels of contribution toward the wagering requirements.

    6.4. Bonuses can be received once per person (Customer), per household, per address, per shared computer and per shared IP address. Free Spins must be wagered with an active bonus. If the bonus is inactive but the client uses Free Spins, all of winnings from Free Spins or any other casino games will be cancelled due to no wagering. The same rule applies to bonus games in slots.

    6.5. 1ANTE reserves the right to impose various restrictions to different countries where Customers may reside regarding bonuses for reasons undisclosed. We further reserve the right to offer specific bonuses to individual customers or customer groups and their termination, change or other alteration without explanation and/or compensations in any form.


  7. Idle and inactive accounts

    7.1. 1ANTE considers a Customer’s account idle when there has been no activity from the Customer for six (6) months.

  8. Cookie policy

    8.1. It is essential for 1ANTE to create a fun and enjoyable environment for its customers therefore personal data has to be collected to deliver games and/or services tailored to each customer in order to achieve excellence. You accept that 1ANTE will collect your personal data. 1ANTE will protect this data in accordance with our Privacy Policy that is available on the FrontPage of Website(s) and on the Home Screen of App(s).

    8.2. The Customer acknowledges that 1ANTE collects small piece of data from the browser in use to enter Website(s) and/or App(s) called “cookies” and/or “cookie”. Personal information of each customer is strictly confidential and will be used only when necessary. The information shall be used for but no limited to: bonus offers, promotional SMS and phone calls, marketing emails. Any Customer account with or without funds would receive such information.

  9. Exceptional circumstances/aborted games

    9.1. 1ANTE reserves the right to cancel bets and grant refunds to players if unexpected issues or events outside the direct control of 1ANTE such as but not limited to: technical problems at third party service and/or game providers, internet connection problems of the Customer, hardware, software and/or equipment of the Customer. 1ANTE takes no liability for any failure which it cannot control.

    9.2. 1ANTE has the right to void large bets that are being used to take advantage of the offerings and/or services.

    9.3. If a bet or service is stuck in between, for example a loss while playing roulette a refund can be requested by contacting customer support. A refund will be credited to the account of Customer no longer than 48hrs after the decision has been made.

    9.4. If a bonus has been made and credited to the customer that is regarded as faulty and/or incorrect, 1ANTE has the right to make alterations to the bonus or balance of Customer to alter the mistake. If a bet, game and/or service contains a bug and/or any inaccuracy that shall not be there 1ANTE has the right to make alterations to the bonus or balance of Customer to alter the mistake.

    9.5. 1ANTE shall accept no liability for any downtime, server disruptions or any unexpected disturbances to game play and/or service consumption. Further, 1ANTE should not take responsibility for any connection disturbances, delays or any other operational obstacles that may result in a partial or complete inaccessibility of Website(s) or App(s) and their respective content.  Refunds are paid on an individual basis upon a positive decision from the management.

    9.6. 1ANTE strives to have its Website(s) and App(s) to be available for use twenty-four hours a day, however 1ANTE shall accept no liability if its Website(s) and/or App(s) are unavailable for any period of time. 1ANTE reserves the right to alter the content of available games and/or services on Website(s) and App(s), carry out maintenance work, update the system or any other technical and/or software alterations and/or updates necessary upon the discretion of management.

    9.7. 1ANTE expects that any Customer will not abuse any errors on Website(s) and/or App(s). It is expected that a Customer that has become aware of an incompleteness on the Website(s) and/or App(s) should refrain from taking any advantage thereof and inform customer support about it immediately. A Customer that has taken advantage of errors and has failed to inform customer support in reasonable time may be held liable and 1ANTE has the right to claim compensation that has incurred from breaching this provision.

  10. Customer Support

    10.1. Customer experience is essential to 1ANTE and we understand that there are numerous matters of Customers that should be dealt with accordingly.  On occasions of uncertainties, general questions and complaints of any kind the visitors and customers of 1ANTE can contact us by e-mail.

    E-mail: [email protected]

    Live chat: see the section “Contact Us” or click on the chat icon via Help Panel

    Phone: +

    10.2. When contacting the customer support of 1ANTE it is expected that the Customer will not

    – Use sexually offensive statements

    – Use statements that directly or indirectly incites hatred

    – Abuse, harass or influence customer support in a way that causes distress, inconvenience and insecurity to agents of 1ANTE

    10.3. 1ANTE does not tolerate abusive communication and players accounts of Customers flagged as abusive will be banned, deleted, inactivated or dealt with in any way that stops their usage of Website(s) and/or App(s) of 1ANTE. Any funds on the account are subject to be confiscated by 1ANTE.

  11. Complaints

    11.1. 1ANTE acknowledges that misunderstandings and/or bad experiences might occur from time to time and Customers are more than welcome to contact customer support in case they happen.

    11.2. When filing a complaint, the Customer should address the issue clearly, describe it as detailed as possible and leave identity credentials for our team to be able to process the complaint in a timely fashion. The Customer service of 1ANTE accepts claims only in English and Russian, any claims and/or requests in other languages will be disregarded and not addressed.

    11.3. Any claim regarding any transaction must be made within three months after the transaction, payment and/or settlement took place/should have taken place; otherwise 1ANTE reserves the right not to acknowledge the claim. Once a claim is received and accepted by 1ANTE it will be dealt with accordingly. The decision of 1ANTE will be made known to the Customer by email, sms or phone. The decision made by 1ANTE is final.

    11.4. In the case of any disputes, you agree that server records can act as the final authority in determining the outcome of any claim.

    11.5. The Customer can contact [email protected] if the Customer isn’t satisfied with the resolution offered by 1ANTE and wishes to file a further complaint and/or dispute.

  12. Intellectual property rights

    12.1. 1ANTE is the sole owner of the trademark “1ANTE” and the “1ANTE” logo. Any illegal use of the “1ANTE” trademark or “1ANTE” logo may result in legal action.

    12.2. is our resource locator and no unauthorised use may be contrived of this URL on any other site and/or digital platform without a written permission from 1ANTE. Links to can only be included in any other site after a written permission from 1ANTE.

    12.3. 1ANTE is the licensee of the rights to the technology, software and business systems used within the Site.

    12.4. The contents and structure of 1ANTE is subject to copyright, it includes text, code, graphics, files, links and it belong to 1ANTE. The content of 1ANTE cannot be blueprinted, duplicated or reproduced in any way without a written agreement between the user/benefactor and 1ANTE. The registration of the Customer does not grant any rights to the intellectual property of 1ANTE.

  13. Limitation of liability

    13.1. The Customer enters the games and/or uses the services of 1ANTE at Customers own sole option, risk and discretion. The games, services, Website(s) and App(s) are provided without any warranty, whether express or implied.

    13.2. Without prejudice to the generality of the preceding provision, the Operators, its respective directors, employees, partners, service providers, agents, affiliated entities:

    – do not warrant that the software of the Website(s) and/or App(s) is/are fit for their purpose;

    – do not warrant that the software, Website(s) and App(s) are free from errors,

    – do not warrant that the games, services, Website(s) and App(s) will be accessible at all times without any lags and/or interruptions,

    – shall not be liable for negligence, loss, damage, expenses, direct, indirect, special, incidental or otherwise emerge in relation to the Customers use of Website(s) or App(s) or participation in games and/or services of 1ANTE.

    13.3. The Customer agree to hold no liability upon Operators, their directors, partners, agents, affiliated entities, employees, services providers for any expense, negligence, loss, damage, claims and liabilities caused that may derive in relation of Customers usage of Website(s) or App(s) or participation in games and/or services of 1ANTE.

  14. Breaches, penalties and termination

    14.1. If the Customer breaches any provision of these Rules and Terms or if 1ANTE has reasonable ground to presume that the Customer has breached them, 1ANTE reserves the right to close, restrict the usage, to not open a players account and withhold any funds thereof.

    14.2. The decision of 1ANTE is final, whether it is a breach of Terms of Conditions or any misbehaviour that results in players account suspension, limitation or permanent restriction to participate in our Website(s) and/or App(s).

  15. Severability

    15.1. If any provision of these Rules and Terms are determined to be illegal, unlawful or unenforceable, such provision shall be detached from these Rules and Terms and all other provisions shall remain effective unaffected by such detachment.

  16. Assignment

    16.1. 1ANTE reserves the right to assign or otherwise lawfully transfer this agreement. The Customer however, shall not assign or otherwise transfer this agreement.

  17. Entire Agreement

    17.1. These Rules and Terms establish the entire perception between the Customer and 1ANTE with respect to the use of Website(s) and App(s) and, save in case of fraud, they shall overrule any prior communications, outlines and covenants, whether electronic, written or oral, between the Customer and 1ANTE with respect to Website(s) and/or App(s).

  18. Applicable law

    18.1. The Rules and Terms shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom and the Customer acknowledges, for the benefit of 1ANTE, to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the United Kingdom to settle any disputes (including claims of set off and counterclaims) which may arise in connection with the creation, validity, effect, interpretation or performance of, or the legal relationships established by the Rules and Terms or otherwise arising from the Rules and Terms of 1ANTE.